How to Get My Attention: Go From Interesting Ideas to Project Proposals

I guess I’m a creative guy, and I appreciate that people come to me with their novel theories about how effective altruism really functions, or maybe ought to function in the future. However, there’s enough ideas I could pursue, because so many people come to me, I don’t have time to pursue them all. So, ultimately, it’s worth my time if people are so confident in these ideas they’re willing to pursue the projects and make something concrete out of their impetus to change society themselves. If they’re so compelled, and what they believe is true, then I’ve got to find evidence of why it’s important enough that I should get excited and pursue it too. That’s how I think. Whenever a question is posed, or a problem exposed, in effective altruism, my ultimate question is to determine if what you’re talking about matters more than anything else. Because that’s already what’s at stake for so many things people are already doing in the effective altruism community.


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