General Disclaimer Regarding Cryonics as of May 2017

Rationalists tend to defend their cryonics memberships on the case Eliezer Yudkowsky originally made several years ago. I tend to believe rationalists have better estimates and evidence for those original claims than is popularly thought. However, those original estimates ultimately explicitly depended on the solvency of cryonics organizations within the broader societal framework they were in (in practice, just in the United States). In the last several years, though, there’s been a state of disorganization in the transhumanism and cryonics communities such that I’m not able to determine what is quality information, and some information which isn’t out of question is also data claiming cryonics organizations like CI and Alcor Life Extension can’t be relied upon. So, I’m skeptical of, and conservative of committing resources to, community projects for cryonics that aren’t first committed to addressing such allegations, figuring out the truth, and finding a solution which satisfies everyone before moving forward.

As far as I can tell, this really hasn’t been addressed in the cryonics and transhumanism communities. I’ve seen some rationalists acknowledge this and even canceled their active cryonics memberships because of this information. Most rationalists I know haven’t updated on this information to the point they’ve canceled their cryonics subscriptions. However, it seems the rationality community is the only one which is tolerant enough of criticizing high-status ingroup establishments to the point people in said community feel comfortable bringing it up in the first place. Generally, something like cryonics demands at least the level of transparency/accountability the effective altruism and rationality community demands of their own flagship organizations, and this isn’t the case for the global community of cryonics subscribers.

So, I’m generally more in favour of and willing to commit resources to anti-ageing and longevity projects not dependent upon cryonics


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