Paranoid Bayesian Legalist Disclaimer Regarding All Intents and Purposes Of My Speech Acts Critically Targeted At What Others Might Characterize As My Self-Identified “Ingroup”

Summary: I to the best of my own knowledge fundamentally inoculate myself against hearsay for all the intents and purposes of any speech acts I (am to) make which are traceable back to my civilian identify such that anyone would uphold the indirect consequences of such speech acts as evidence that they were in violation of the law for blog posts written after the publication of this blog post as they relate to subject matter and content relevant to what people who think of themselves as my “ingroup” call our “ingroup”
I’m going to be writing up some thoughts on epistemology and community norms as it relates to effective altruism and rationality which may possibly though by no means necessarily be critical of the practices of most if not virtually literally all individuals involved in them, and the same for all adjacent communities, and persons who in practice associate with persons self-identified with all the above identified communities. They, and if you’re still reading this post, let’s be honest, probably you, are the sort of person in their walks of life who more or less signals valuing honesty as epistemic integrity and humility, all other considerations being equal.
[tl;dr necessary paranoid Bayesian legalist meta-disclaimer qualifying as ontologically fundamental to any worldview I’d be forced to defend as my true beliefs in a court of law my actual behaviour for any given time occurring after the writing of this post. Feel free to skip.
Regardless of however consistently honest you yourself/yourselves are as (an) individual(s) in upholding your values with integrity and fidelity, I think we can all agree by all legitimate lights I am and will probably continue to be the sort of person who virtually everyone will respect to the point they wouldn’t condone the violation of my civil rights at the hands of the state as per the letter and spirit of the law of the jurisdiction which I am currently or will be residing in, which for the foreseeable future will for all intents only include nation-states commonly referred to, within their own ultimate sphere(s) of influence, as “the free world”.
The above paragraph includes what constitutes a disclaimer which for virtually all intents and purposes I know of will allow me to hold liable in court those persons who violate my rights on the grounds of retaliation for me saying something which could, in a court of law, feasibly and plausibly be upheld as having a non-zero probability of causing a non-zero amount of offense to the client of the defense or the plaintiff in question. If indeed this blog post would or could be admitted as evidence in justification of either the defense of my own person or my initiation of a case in a court of law on the basis of my public statements, let the record show I am here and now publicly committing to making those statements which are only intended to improve the community, and not cause real harm to any persons.]
If you didn’t read the “paranoid Bayesian legalist meta-disclaimer”, what I was going for was that given that we’re part of the sort of community which not only values honesty but also mutual improvement through mutual constructive criticism, the only way I can be maximally honest while being maximally constructive in my criticism of the ingroup is to write in a manner in which I’m most comfortable. This includes how I think and speak to the hordes of ingrates[1] in any of the Facebook pages I administrate; how I talk out loud given implicit assumptions of being maximally “off the record”; and how I think inside my own mind. This is in a colloquial manner that I expect in reality will cause a non-zero amount of offence to the sensibilities of people I know. Given we live in a world which on the best days of the worst-off person they can expect to have their life ruined more than they ever thought, and in this topsy-turvy world there aren’t any surefire guarantees any of us ourselves won’t one day be in that situation, with all the political correctness we have in the world these days on top of that, who knows what anyone might say which could ultimately be traced back to them which would be construed as illegitimate or illegal speech undoubtedly intended to directly incite hatred and violence. Given the unpredictability of what sorts of speech (acts) will or won’t hold up in a court of law if construed as such for the indefinite future, I’ve seen the need to inoculate myself against allegations possibly any and all retaliations against my person up to and possibly though not necessarily including anything which could be construed as a violation of my negative human rights are, were, will be, or will have been justified on any grounds I merely hurt another person’s feelings.
[1] If you’re still reading it, you’re probably included in (one of) the group(s) of people I just referred to as part of my “hordes”. If you read the rest of my blog post, you’ll discover why I’m comfortable being the sort of person comfortable with referring to you as part of my hordes despite all objections I expect you yourself could plausibly credibly generate.

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