Public Disclaimers Posts

I know lots of people who tend to write blog posts around common topics, themes, or subjects, in a serial or sequential manner.  This, then, is a series of posts constituting general public disclaimers with regards to my public and/or private involvement in a manner of activities specified below. This is the sort of behaviour which other people find odd. However, this post exists such that all public disclaimers I put on my blog are written to uphold my opinion assuming virtually the whole set of probable conversations or contexts I’d find myself in discussing the relevant subject matter. So, I save time by being able to link them to others instead of having to write up more considerations each time I talk to other people about things I care about. Additionally, I write such as it’s consistent with my personal interpretation of legalism. The links below constitute published disclaimers. This blog post will be updated as more posts in the series are published.

Paranoid Bayesian Legalist Disclaimer Regarding All Intents and Purposes of My Speech Acts Critically Targeted At What Others Might Characterize As My Self-Identified “Ingroup”

General Disclaimer Regarding Cryonics As Of May 2017


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